Why Do I Need An MOT?

All vehicles that are three years and over are required to have an annual MOT (Ministry of Transport) test to ensure that their vehicle is compliant with UK law and that they meet the minimum safety standards.

Where Can I Get An MOT?

An MOT can only be carried out at an approved MOT test centre – centres that show a blue sign with 3 white triangles can perform an MOT. It is advisable to book your MOT test well in advance to ensure that you get a slot and that your car can remain safely on the road. It is possible to book an MOT up to one month before the current certificate expires.

Why Do I Need An MOT?

Who Can Carry Out An MOT?

An MOT can only be carried out by a nominated tester (NT) this is an individual with an MOT qualification and test licence. During the test, many important parts of the vehicle are tested to ensure they meet the standards.

Who Can Take My Car for An MOT?

The registered keeper is not required to go in person for an MOT – any insured driver can take the car provided they hold a full driving licence. Some test centres offer a collection and drop off service for MOTs and car servicing.

What Happens If I Don’t Get An MOT?

Driving without a valid MOT certificate is illegal. If a car is driven without a valid MOT certificate for any other purpose other than driving to the test centre, the insurance will automatically be invalidated, and the keeper of the vehicle will be unable to renew their road tax. A penalty charge of up to £1,000 may also be issued.

Anybody driving without an MOT certificate is likely to get caught by the police sooner or later as mobile camera units can check remotely if a car has an MOT or not. A car without an MOT cannot remain legally parked on the side of the road, it can however be safely parked on a private driveway or in a garage until it has its MOT.

How Can I Find Out When My MOT Is Due?

To check the MOT and tax status of any vehicle, simply enter its registration details into the GOV.UK vehicle enquiry service and it will show whether the vehicle has a valid MOT and the date it expires.

SORN Vehicles

A vehicle that has been taken off the road and issued with a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) by the DVLA does not need an MOT. For a SORN vehicle to return to the road, it must meet several requirements including MOT testing. It is possible to drive a SORN vehicle directly to an MOT test centre, however, a type of temporary insurance will be required to make the journey; once the vehicle has passed its MOT a comprehensive insurance plan can be bought.

What Happens If My Car Fails Its MOT?

If a vehicle fails its MOT and its current certificate has already expired it cannot be driven away until it is repaired and then retested.

What Is Checked During An MOT?

During an MOT the following systems are checked:

  • Brakes
  • Lights & reflectors
  • Electrical equipment & wiring
  • Steering & suspension
  • Tyres & road wheels
  • Seat belts, speedometer, windscreen, mirrors and wipers
  • Car bodywork
  • Exhaust, fuel, and emissions

Our Service Station

Longmynd Service Station is a family-run organisation offering car servicing, general maintenance and repairs and MOT testing to include class 1,2,4,5 and 7 MOT tests, we can accommodate cars, motorcycles, minibuses (up to 16 seats) and vehicles over 3000kg.

In many cases, simple faults found during an MOT could easily have been avoided by carrying out scheduled maintenance. Ensuring that your vehicle is regularly serviced helps to save money in the long run – any issues identified during servicing should be rectified to avoid potential MOT failure and further costly repairs later down the line. For more information on our services or to book your MOT, get in touch today.