Air Conditioning Services

Air-conditioningWe have been servicing and repairing air conditioning and climate control systems since 2001. From our experience during this time, we have found that most people have the tendency to forget about having these systems serviced on their cars. As a result of this, as soon as the sun comes out and the temperature rises, we soon become inundated with customers cars which are suffering from air conditioning problems!

To ensure you have a fully operational air conditioning system for when the sun does shine, we advise all our customers to have their air conditioning systems serviced at least every 2 years. Air conditioning and climate control is designed to give the driver and passengers a more comfortable environment when traveling in their cars. There are other benefits to a fully functioning air conditioning system apart from the obvious (keeping you cool!!), it can help relieve the symptoms of some allergies like hay fever and it will greatly improve demisting on wet days.

All air conditioning systems will leak a small amount of refrigerant over time and it only takes a small drop in pressure to stop the system from working.

Air Conditioning Servicing

When we carry out a basic air conditioning service, all of the refrigerant is removed from the system, cleaned, recycled and replaced ensuring the system is topped up again with the correct amount of refrigerant. During the procedure, the lubricant in the system is also removed and discarded, allowing us to refill the system with the correct amount of fresh lubricant.

When we have completed the basic air conditioning service, our ATA approved technicians will carry out a basic leak check to your system and advise you on any problems or potential issues.

We also offer an Air conditioning system cleaning service which removes the bad smells you sometimes get when you first switch on the air conditioning.

One useful tip to keep your Air conditioning working efficiently is to try to use it all year round. This will allow the lubricant to circulate around the system and will help the components of the system remain lubricated over the winter.