Vehicle Fault Diagnosis

Vehicle fault diagnosticsThe modern motor vehicle is full of computer-controlled systems. Even if your vehicle is running well, it is important that someone with diagnostic knowledge checks and tests these systems every couple of years.

Over the last ten years we have invested heavily in the latest electronic diagnostic and test equipment. Being a member of the Bosch car service program means that we have regular staff training and twice yearly updates to our technical data and diagnostic software. This means we are always up to date and able to repair most electrical faults.

There are many warning lights on you’re modern car and some when illuminated can cause you’re car to fail the MOT. Technology has advanced rapidly over the last five years and diagnosing faults and problems has become increasingly more difficult. Our commitment to training and continual investment in equipment allows us to deal with many of the issues with the modern car. Our aim is to diagnose the fault correctly first time! It is impossible to diagnose faults with a simple plug in and code read as some people may believe. We wish it were that simple!!

A fault code read out is the start of the diagnosis procedure. When we have read the fault codes we can then continue to test the relevant components and wiring. After carrying out all the relevant testing we should then be able to correctly diagnose the fault and carry out the repair as necessary.

Bosch Car Service Centre

Longmynd Service Station is proud to be accredited as a Bosch Car Service Centre. The Bosch Car Service Network provides a quality guarantee to our customers. The only independent garages admitted to the Bosch Network are those that demonstrate a proven level of customer service and workmanship. In order for Longmynd Service station to qualify for this honour, we are subject to regular audits and inspections from the Bosch team, ensuring the highest possible standards in the industry.

Bosch is renowned throughout the world for their expertise in the car manufacturing industry, providing car manufacturers across the world with automotive technology. In fact, Bosch is responsible for the supply and development of a substantial proportion of the complex systems of many of the vehicles we see on our roads today.

When you choose to use our services at Longmynd Service Station, you not only benefit from the personal service of using a highly reputable local garage, but also have the great added advantage of Bosch support and expertise. All of our staff are fully trained by the Bosch Technical Training Programme which ensures that Longmynd Service Station maintains the highest level of quality as we are always informed of the latest advances in the ever changing world of technology.