Why Are Car Oil Changes So Important?

Engine oil is essential to cars and other vehicles, without it, the car engine would be damaged beyond repair. The principal reasons that engines need oil are as follows:

To Prevent Friction

The main function of engine oil is to lubricate the many fast-moving and intricate parts of the vehicle – this layer of lubrication prevents the parts from grinding together, reducing friction as well as wear and tear.

To Maintain Optimal Temperature

When running, the engine generates a lot of heat - engine oil lubricates the components and helps to draw heat away from them, preventing overheating and maintaining the engine at optimal temperature.

To Keep the Engine Clean

Engine oil also helps to keep the car clean by removing particles of dirt and other contaminants and taking them to the oil filter.

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Why Does Oil Need to Be Changed?


Over time, the chemical and physical properties of engine oil begin to degrade. The oil also becomes dirty as it collects particles of debris.  

A Clean Engine

As previously mentioned, engine oil removes any debris or residue that accumulates on the engine during use, therefore the removal of old oil essential and a fresh replacement is essential to make sure the engine is kept clean.

Improved Mileage

Fresh oil can also result in improved mileage as there is reduced friction and subsequently less stress on the engine.

Better Performance

Changing the oil regularly and using a high-grade oil can also help to improve the performance of the engine. The fresh and clean oil circulating around the engine has greater viscosity which boosts the performance of the oil under extreme temperatures, additives can also help to remove and prevent the build-up of debris - ensuring that the engine performs to its maximum potential.  

Lower Emissions

Cleaner oil can also lower the emissions of the vehicle, allowing the engine to run smoothly and more efficiently, whilst removing any hydrocarbons which may have built up in the engine. 

When Should Oil Be Changed or Topped Up?

The level of the engine oil should be tested on a regular basis, especially before long journeys. Most manufacturers specify the mileage and time interval at which the oil should be changed. Regular servicing is the best way to ensure that your car’s oil is kept topped up and changed as and when it needs to be, servicing also ensures that any other issues are dealt with promptly, helping your engine to run in peak condition.

The exact benefits of the oil used will depend on its type - it is important to always use the specified type of oil – engine oil is not somewhere to economise. Check your vehicle’s manual to find out the correct type of oil to use for your make and model.

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