How To Avoid A Flat Battery

Problems with the car battery is frequently cited as one of the most common reasons for breakdown callouts in the UK. The car battery is a crucial component of the car, without it, it will not be able to start. However, very few of us actually take the time to get our car batteries checked on a regular basis – many of us rarely even think about the car battery until something goes wrong.

how to avoid a flat battery

Signs Of A Failing Battery

The best way to avoid a flat battery is to look out for any obvious signs that your battery could be on its way out:

Loss of Power To The Engine

This is one of the most common signs to indicate battery issues. A lot of energy is required to start the car, this energy is provided by the battery. If the engine clicks or splutters before it starts, then it is highly likely that there is a problem with the car battery. This should always be investigated and never ignored.

Dashboard Warning Light

Dashboard warning light signal – newer vehicles are more likely to provide a warning signal when there is something wrong with any of the car’s components.

Common Causes Of Battery Issues

Usage Habits

The car battery recharges whilst it is being driven, however, if it is only used on short trips, this will not allow sufficient time for it to recharge. Other electrical components such as heaters or air conditioning, windscreen wipers etc. will further drain the battery.

Ambient Temperature

Exposure to extreme temperatures, such as severe cold weather, prolonged dampness etc. can all cause problems with the battery.

Acid Stratification

This is more likely to occur if the battery is frequently not fully charged – for example, taking regular short journeys whilst running the heaters or A/C and other electrical items, will mean that the battery is unable to fully charge, reducing its overall performance.

If the battery is left discharged for long periods of time, crystals may build up and form on the plates inside the battery, preventing it from effectively holding its charge.

Battery Life Span

The life of a battery may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, on driving habits and the other aforementioned variables. Most batteries, however, come with a warranty that lasts around 4 to 5 years and if anything does happen within that period, the battery will be replaced for free.

Tips On How To Avoid A Flat Battery

Allow The Battery To Fully Charge

If the car is regularly used for short trips, it is a good idea to ensure that at least once a week it is taken out for a longer drive to fully recharge the battery.

Check Electrical Devices

Switch off anything that is draining the battery – leaving devices charging in a USB port will quickly drain the battery if the engine is not running. Likewise, other systems such as interior lights will also drain the battery.

Perform Regular Battery Checks

A car battery tester is a quick and effective way of measuring the health of the car battery, the average person does not have this type of equipment at home, but the test can easily be performed at the local garage.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing ensures that everything is kept in good working order including the battery. It ensures that the vehicle is maintained working at optimum performance and most importantly, is safe to drive.

How We Can Help

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