Have You Had a Turbo Failure with Your Car Recently?

Have You Had a Turbo Failure with Your Car Recently?

Have you had a turbo failure with your car recently? You're not alone! We have seen an increase of turbo failures in the last couple of years. Reading through this blog may hopefully help you to prevent your turbo from failing again!

One of the largest independent turbo distributors has recently issued a statement which can help explain what goes wrong and how to avoid facing a costly bill when a failed turbo needs replacing.

More and more cars are manufactured with a turbo fitted, including petrol cars.

A turbo charger has to be very resilient as the turbine shaft spins up to 6000 times a second at a temperature of up to 950 °C.

The report informs us that the majority of failures are due to oil problems. Issues with the oil will more than likely lead to turbo failure. Correct grade and clean oil is vital for the health of your turbo.

Obviously there can be other reasons for turbo failure such as air flow issues. If the vehicle was fitted with a faulty or missing air filter this can then affect the air pressure which can in turn allow the oil seals in the turbo to leak and subsequently the bearings to be starved of oil.

Also any oil leaks can reduce the oil flow to the turbo, again allowing the bearings to be starved of oil.

Bearing all this in mind, it is very important to have your car serviced regularly. If you at least follow the recommended service intervals set by the manufacturer then you should be on the right track. In our opinion it is good practice to carry out oil services more regular than the manufacturers recommendations. Some manufacturers have service intervals of 20 000 miles or 2 years. This is a long time between services, once a year or 10 000 mile would be more sensible.

It is also very important to use the correct grade of oil. There are many different grades used by the manufacturers so once again it is always advisable to seek guidance if you are not sure.

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