Everything You Need to Know About a Car Service

Everything You Need to Know About a Car Service

The regular servicing of your car is essential for many reasons – primarily to maintain the car’s longevity, safety and value for as long as possible.

Many minor issues which are not immediately visible, develop slowly over time, therefore going unnoticed until it is too late and costly replacements are incurred.

How Often Should My Car Be Serviced?

Most modern cars will provide a warning light with a message when a service is due, and it varies from model to model. Many cars are serviced annually; some cars base services on mileage, the higher the mileage the greater the number of services it will need. An especially frequent driver may need their car serviced more regularly; the average is usually at around 12,000 miles or for high mileage drivers, an interim service may be required at around 6,000 miles. Check your car’s handbook for specific instructions on the type of servicing required.

Car Services Complement MOT Tests

An MOT is a visual inspection of your vehicle, ensuring it meets specific safety criteria. The garage cannot strip it down or dismantle any components and the inspection criteria is set by the government, therefore it will stay the same regardless of the garage.

Types of service may vary, although they essentially include a visual inspection as well as stripping back, inspecting and replacing any used parts. Services are based on the guidelines provided by the car manufacturer, but check with your local garage to see what types of service they offer.

Why Is It Important Not to Skip Services?


A well maintained car will ultimately be more economical, consuming less fuel whilst providing improved performance and lasting for a longer length of time.


Servicing your car and its parts will cost less in the long run than shelling out on expensive replacements, not only this, it protects the manufacturer’s warranty. A full set of stamps in the service book can make the car more attractive to sell in the future.


Ensuring your car is safe not only protects the driver, but also other cars on the road. Insurance companies may be reluctant to pay out in the event of an accident involving a car with a poor service history -  subject to the type of accident.

Everything You Need to Know About a Car Service

What Does a Service Typically Include?

Service types vary considerably depending on the age, mileage and make of your car. Typically, a service will involve an oil and filter change, the replacement of any components with a 12 month or less lifespan, a replacement or top up of other fluids (brake/transmission), a general health evaluation which will involve checking its components for leakages, wear and tear or any other issues.

How to Prepare Your Car for a Service

There are many things that can be checked prior to a service in order to cut down on costs such as:

  • windscreen wipers – easy to install and non-expensive
  • screen wash
  • oil
  • water / engine coolant
  • tyres – check your car tyre’s tread depth regularly and maintain the car manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure

Everything You Need to Know About a Car Service

Where Can I Get My Car Serviced?


Specialising in certain brands and using manufacturer trained techniques, dealerships undoubtedly provide a thorough service, the cost however is usually higher than anywhere else.

Independent Garages

Any reputable independent garage will provide a high level of service at a cheaper cost than a dealer or franchise garage, and should also be able to source approved parts. Although many car owners choose only to use an independent garage once their warranty has run out, this doesn’t have to be the case. Provided an independent garage works to the car’s official service schedule using the latest technical information available, and uses only original equipment or dealer approved parts, then taking your car to an independent garage will not invalidate the warranty.

Fast Fits

Kwik-Fix and Halfords are examples of well-known fast fit organisations, technicians are generally well trained, with the overall aim being to complete the task as quickly as possible. They usually offer fixed rate packages to choose from, the disadvantages are the price, (which may not be the most competitive) and the short amount of time spent on the vehicle, means any specific issues may not be investigated thoroughly.

Everything You Need to Know About a Car Service

Longmynd Service Station

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