Volkswagon Camper Van Restoration

Having been a part of the same family for over 40 years, this Volkswagon Camper came to us for some well-needed TLC.

This bus puts a whole new meaning to the term "sleeper". It may appear standard on the outside but underneath all of the bedding and carpet lies a 2300CC engine that has been heavily modified. Originally sold with a 1600CC engine, it was replaced with a 2 litre air cooled lump in 1991, that was later bored out to 2300CC. This was the decision of the current owners' late father who was a chief engineer at Simon Engineering, who thought there wasn't enough grunt from the standard engine. New cams, carburettor, liners and so on were assembled to the engine in order to get maximum performance.

Since you can guess that the engine was clearly in great shape, we took care of the paintwork. While it wasn't bad, it certainly need some attention and a bit of a refresh.

Once we started preparing the body, we noticed signs of surface rust starting to show. We took no chances and stripped all of the paint and removed any rust that we came across. Any dents that we found were filled, and then we started to prepare the paint work. As you can see in the gallery below, we re-introduced the original cream and blue colour scheme.

Since we carried out this fantastic restoration work, the van has been stored over the winter months to preserve the bodywork. It will get let loose in the summer sun!