Ford Popular 103E Classic Car Restoration

This Ford Popular 103E restoration has to be one of our favourite recent car restoration projects at Longmynd Service Station. You can see the progress we have made throughout the gallery below.

Ford Populars of the 1950s.

Back in the 1950′s, Ford Populars would pop up on every road in Britain, 155, 340 were made between; 1953 – 1959.

It was a very popular household car (excuse the pun!), however by the final year of production, the 103E Popular specification was looking seriously out of date, especially when compared to offerings from Vauxhall for example.

Today, the Ford 103E continues to be a sound choice for classic car and car restoration enthusiasts and appeals to a wide variety of people. Spares are still readily available and it can be a very leisurely car to drive (down a hill!).

Does your classic car need restoring?

Are looking for a car restoration project, why not a Ford Popular 103E? If you are looking for assistance with your project give us a call on 01694 722626.

We think this is a great example of a beautifully restored classic car.