Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 Restoration

When this Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 showed up to the workshop it appeared to be in a very reasonable condition. The paint was shiny, the panels were fairly straight and the interior looked clean. With that said, the owner was still keen for us to dismantle the car and give it that bit extra to make it immaculate. As we started the stripping down process we started to pick up on a few points in the body.

Where there should have been joins in the metal they appeared to be too smooth for comfort. Once the body was completely stripped we took no chances and recommended that the Escort Mk2 would warrant a chemical dip from our good friends, SPL. This left the car completely bare with not a drop of paint on it.

The results were surprising, but not in the good sense. Unfortunately the car had received a "quick fix" restoration in which the repairs were way below par for such an iconic vehicle. That's when major metal work began. A huge number of panels were cut out with fresh ones being welded in. We even replaced the roof skin as the sunroof aperture had a very poor blanking off job.

Next came the filler and prep work, and then the application of its original Signal Green topcoat coupled with the fine line pinstripe.

The 2 litre Pinto engine was sent away to be completely stripped and overhauled to boost performance and reliability. Now this RS boasts roughly 160bhp at the wheels.

As the Escort was built up not one bolt wasn't replaced. With that said we still made sure we kept as many original Ford parts on the car as possible for authenticity.