Ford Anglia Restoration

This Ford Anglia was purchased by the founder of Longmynd Service Station, Bill Reynolds, who wanted to keep the originality of this one-owner-from-new classic car.

The intention of this restoration was to keep repairs to a minimum. Unfortunately, once the vehicle had been stripped of its mechanical parts and assessed it became clear the car needed more than a few blow ins.

The Anglia was fitted to our roll-over jig and sandblasted. There we could see the extent of the fabrication work needed to make the shell solid again.

While the bodywork was being carried out the 105e engine was stripped down and given an overhaul by Bill himself.

To keep in theme of originality, a donor car was brought in to replace any parts that were too far gone on the project car. Many of the parts on the Anglia were repaired rather than replaced even though reproduction parts are available. This goes to show Bill’s enthusiasm in keeping the classic Ford as original as possible.

The Ford Anglia was finished with the original smoke grey top and maroon bottom half. The finished results are stunning.

Seats and interior trim were taken to Rob Green Upholstery for a complete overhaul. The interior looks incredible, and can be seen in the gallery below.

Bill plans on uprating the suspension at some point but for now he is enjoying the car, totally standard, same as the one he used to own over 40 years ago.

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