Ford 300e Van Restoration

We have previously carried out restoration work on an "Upright" Ford Popular for a customer, and he brought this fantastic Ford 300e Van to us too. He came to us with the intention of getting it resprayed with minimal prep work as the vehicle appeared to be in relatively good shape on the surface.

After stripping parts of the van down it became clear to us there was a lot more work involved to get this classic back to its best. Most of the lower third of the van was cut out due to rot and fresh metal was fabricated in its place. With the addition of a coat of WaxOyl underneath and inside all the box sections, the van has been protected for the future.

The van lost its previous two- tone colour scheme and was repainted in a deep cream.

The story behind the sign writing was that due to the customer having an allotment he decided to have the van signed in the style of a period fruit and vegetable delivery vehicle. We brought in Les Price from local company "The Sign Workshop" to carry out the free-hand sign writing.

With regards to the wheels they were painted to match the main colour of the sign writing.

Since the owner has had the Thames van back he has taken her to 4 shows and won 3 awards.