Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Restoration Project

Having been approached by National Geographic Channel's 'Car SOS', we were given the task of restoring two cars as part of the third series of the popular television show.

The second car in which we helped to restore was this, a 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider.

On the face of it, the car didn't look like it was in too bad of condition but once we started to take a closer look we were concerned at the amount of underseal and filler that appeared to be under the car. Taking no risk, we stripped the shell and agreed for the car to be sent away to be chemically dipped.

Once we got the shell back it was apparent that this car had had a lot of repair work over its time on the road. Multiple patches had been bogusly welded all over and the holes that were missed were simply filled. Having the car in bare metal meant we could crack on with the fabrication work as we lost precious repair time whilst the car was having its acid bath. The body was welded solid along with a new front panel being fitted.

Then came the prep work to make sure all the panels were nice and smooth before the Bianco Pininfarina paint was applied.

The suspension was rebuilt and painted by us whereas the engine was sent away to an Alfa specialist.

Trim was done by Aldridge in Walsall.