Rebuilding a Classic Car Engine

Rebuilding a classic car engine

When it comes to rebuilding an engine of your classic car you are going to need commitment, time and money available to complete the project. However, rebuilding the engine of your classic car can be one of the most rewarding tasks of restoration. You can get a great feeling when you know that your engine restoration has been a success and that your new engine will be able to go for tens of thousands of miles. If you have an engine which needs rebuilding, or a classic car which requires restoration, please contact us by email or telephone 01694 722626.

Choices Available For Engine Rebuilds

There are several options available to you when you are rebuilding a engine, Firstly you could take your classic car to restoration specialists and ask them to help with the process, remove the engine and rebuild it for you. However, if you have a small budget, or would like to get more involved, you could remove the engine from your classic car yourself and then send just the engine to the restoration specialists.

The next option you have only applies if you are not concerned with engine identification numbers. If you don’t mind having a non-numbers matching car then you can easily swap your engine for a rebuilt one. Please note: this options carries several issues. Please be careful when choosing a classic car restoration specialists to work on your car as some engine rebuilders can take shortcuts when rebuilding engines such as knurling valve guides instead of replacing them outright. At Longmynd Service Station we take pride in our work and we are thorough and careful in our work, and processes. We have many happy customers who are now seeing the benefits of our work, please check the projects we have been involved with.

It is also nearly impossible to be able to identify the specifications from any major engine rebuilders like the camshaft and compression ratio that will create the “accurate” engine for your particular classic car.

The best way to restore a classic car engine is to seek professional help from classic car restorers, this allows you to have a accurate and “true” engine for your classic car.

Disassembling Your Classic Car Engine

Engine rebuilding is not an extremely difficult task but it does require a lot of attention to detail and you also need to be able to get expert advice if you get stuck or else you will end up breaking the engine, which is an expensive mistake to make. The most critical part of the rebuilding process is to be through with the engine disassembly. You will need to take photos and also take a few notes of the assembled engine from every possible angle, and carry on taking as many photos as you can during the disassembly process. The reason behind this is because the engine is going to in pieces for a few weeks and when it comes to reassembling the engine it will be difficult for you to remember where all the pieces go. The photos and notes can aid you in remembering which piece goes to which where and make the reassembly process so much easier

Some of the parts on the inside of the engine will need to be stamped like the bearing caps and connector rods if they have not got any identification on them. You then will need to group together bolts and make sure that group is labelled; it will make the assembly a lot simpler. The last step is to inspect all the different parts of the engines like the bearings, piston skirts and cylinder walls etc for things like heat discolouration, wear and tear or scoring.